Who We Are

Helping to grow businesses that provide high quality products and services through effective digital media marketing


SOI was started to help those with great products & services reach their target market. It is frustrating to meet businesses who have developed a great product or who are passionate about their service not know how to reach their target market. It is even worse to see businesses using the wrong methods of promotion resulting in them wasting their money.

We believe it is important to tailor each marketing campaign to each specific target client. By being more targeted you can get better results at a lower cost. By providing a more targeted approach we aim to enable you to get more clients and grow your business.

Our mission

Promote Products & Services

We put your products and services in front of your target market.

Reduce Costs

By being targeted in our approach we aim to reduce your marketing spend.

Improve Results

We aim to better the results achieved through traditional media.

Our great team

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Business Processes


Business Processes